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Acupressure Therapy - What is Acupressure?

Acupressure has become one of the more popular known CAM practices around the globe. Acupressure's basic purpose is to activate certain points within the meridian channel. To allow acupuncture to produce a more powerful effect there should be a harmony between the channels of meridian and also the actual acupoint used. This allows for the exact spot at which the flow of energy is blockage to be liberated and restored to its proper role.

There are a variety of Acupressure point. The most common type is named Tui Na (HT) or the Southeast Asian variation, and this technique is often referred to as UL. Acupressure therapists typically apply a gentle pressure to the points by using a continuous stream of pressure in the direction of the Meridian. The therapist can stimulate specific points with their fingers, thumbs as well as their tongues applying pressure along the direction of meridian. By stimulating the appropriate areas of pressure, qi will be increased and lessen.

There are Western variations of Acupressure. Acupressure therapists often work along the Meridian system. This is done starting from the feet and working upwards towards the head. This type of Acupressure is targeted at the pressure points on the body that correspond with the meridians. This type of Acupressure may also be known as Oriental therapy.

Acupressure comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, meridians are defined as bundles of energy channels that come from the spinal cord of people and are connected to every organ of the body. The theory goes that once these meridians are disrupted and weakened, the Qi will not be able to flow as it should and a variety of health complaints will result. A method to address these problems is through Acupressure. It is applied to certain points on the qi energy pathways.

There are many methods of stimulating acupressure points. They include electrical stimulation and manual pressure and gentle rubbing of pressure upon the points. It is possible to use your fingers, or any other prongs that are attached to the body for manual stimulation. This applies pressure on the acupressure points in different meridians. Electric stimulation makes use of the power of electricity to exert pressure on meridians on the channels. A manual prong can also be used to stimulate the acupressure points.

Recent scientific research supports the concept that certain Acupressure points may relieve the pain through pressure. It doesn't matter if the person uses the device, or allows the device to themselves for self-administration. The theory behind applying pressure on acupuncture points to release obstructions and allow natural healing take place is the same in both cases. Acupuncture may speed up the healing process for patients suffering from pain due to their disease. Science has discovered that it is possible to boost the speed of healing in certain instances. Patients should talk about acupuncture with their physician to consider it as an alternative to surgical procedures or prescription drugs.

Acupressure can provide many health benefits aside from offering relief from pain. Studies have shown that acupressure may help increase blood circulation, stimulate lymph circulation, and improve energy levels in the body. 여성전용출장안마 It may also speed up the treatment process for specific types of illnesses, according to research studies. This should be considered by both traditional medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners as a viable treatment for many illnesses.

It is crucial to know the meaning of Qi when looking at Acupressure points theory. Qi is the force of life energy that all living things are composed of, and includes your body. When you feel sick, stressed or tired it is when the flow o

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